Cryogenic FileSplitter

Cryogenic FileSplitter for Windows

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  • Version: 1.3

Split and join large files with ease

Cryogenic FileSplitter is a free application to split large files, and join them up again. It's ideal for anyone who wants to email large files.

No installation is required for this tiny EXE file, so you can run Cryogenic FileSplitter from a USB if you want. The single interface is nice and simple, with buttons to Split or Join, plus the source and destination folders. It will split any type of file, and saves the split files as .001, so whether it's documents, video or audio Cryogenic FileSplitter is ideal.

The only downside of Cryogenic FileSplitter is that other users will need to be able to join .001 files to use them, but as this program is so small and free, it's hardly an issue. As you can drag and drop files onto the interface, it could hardly be more simple, and it's refreshing to see an application that isn't artificially limited to specific file formats.

If you want to send or share large files over the web, Cryogenic FileSplitter is a great way of making your life much easier, and excellent alternative to HJSplit.


  • Simple and lightweight
  • Portable
  • No file restrictions


  • No options

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Cryogenic FileSplitter


Cryogenic FileSplitter 1.3 for PC

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